Stacey Lane

Digital Experience Designer

Professional Profile

With over 10 years of experience designing and developing delightful digital experiences, I am a passionate, purposeful, and detail-oriented UX/UI Designer who enjoys problem solving, and creating innovative concepts that are adaptable to all users.

I am a fierce advocate for the user who has a strong sense for clean design, and am committed to creating data-informed, simple to use, and fully accessible user experiences. I take the time to understand not only the execution side of design, but the business requirements as well, all while building world-class digital solutions.

My Resume


WP Engine

Marketing Web Designer creating digital web experiences to delight developers. Lead Designer for and events multisite network.

Takeaways: A/B Testing, Design Thinking, 5D Process


Lead web developer for Lead email developer.

Takeaways: Streamlined development of individual email templates that share a single codebase. CSS frameworks.


Design Developer for Xbox One (Party, Friends and Achievements apps), Windows Music, Windows Video, Windows Games, Smartglass.

Takeaways: Efficiently debugging layout issues over large projects, regression testing, performance testing, code review practices and source control.


Design and development of microsites with a focus on Responsive Web Design and front-end technologies. Email design/developer.

Takeaways: Code documentation, OOP concepts, Responsive Design

Resource Action Programs

Design/Developer for landing pages and microsites. Graphic designer.

Takeaways: GREP (for InDesign), Complex documents in InDesign.


Lead UI/UX Design Developer. Researched, designed and implemented Nissan branded Kentico template in 2 weeks.

Takeaways: MVC concepts, team development environments.

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