Stacey Lane

Front End Web Designer/Developer

Who Am I?

Front End Web Designer/Developer

Front End Web Designer/Developer of 10 years, with a passion for a great user experience, seeks a new opportunity with an organization that encourages ownership, creative thinking and values integrity as well as professional growth.

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Lead web developer for Lead email developer.
Takeaways: Streamlined development of individual email templates that share a single codebase. CSS frameworks.


Design Developer for Xbox One (Party, Friends and Achievements apps), Windows Music, Windows Video, Windows Games, Smartglass.
Takeaways: Efficiently debugging layout issues over large projects, regression testing, performance testing, code review practices and source control.


Design and development of microsites with a focus on Responsive Web Design and front-end technologies. Email design/developer.
Takeaways: Code documentation, OOP concepts, Responsive Design

Resource Action Programs

Design/Developer for landing pages and microsites. Graphic designer.
Takeaways: GREP (for InDesign), Complex documents in InDesign, the value of finding a need and filling it.


Lead UI/UX Design Developer. Researched, designed and implemented Nissan branded Kentico template in 2 weeks.
Takeaways: MVC concepts, team development environments.


J. Pippin's Potions

Challenge: Create light-weight, single page website to sell beverages. Avoid using Bootstrap or themes. Challenge is intended to showcase your design and front end skills. Be creative.


Using only client-side tech, create a web page that has has a button, which populates the stage with a ceries of circle objects. Circles should appear randomly placed and styled (doesn't need to be truely random). Circles should animate onto the stage. Each should have a unique id and, when clicked, expose that id briefly. Page should include a control panel which will allow the user to animate some property of all the circles with a slider control. There should also be a way to toggle all of the circles between their original appearance and a shared appearance. Last, the user should be able to delete the circles and view a list of the ids of each circle that has been deleted.

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